Part 8: Wrapping up....For Now

When I began researching MK Ultra, I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly I didn't know which way was up and which was down. There was so much to explore and nothing was familiar. There are many more avenues I could take us down to continue this adventure, and I fully intend on it later on. But for now, I think it's time to wrap it up and highlight some other things instead.

There have been a range of events that have taken place in history that are troubling. Some are more well known than others. And in cases like MK Ultra, officials have gone to great lengths to try to cover up the less than desirable details of their experiments.

What we're left with is a long list of questions.

How much did Dr. Cameron know?

Was Frank Olson murdered by the CIA?

How could Allen Dulles condemn other countries for "brainwashing" and 24 hours later give his approval for the same exact thing in the US?

Will Dr. Cameron's patients and their families ever get what is owed to them?

Where else did these experiments take place?

Who else was involved?

What was on the files that Gottlieb destroyed?

It also isn't much of a stretch to ask: How can I know definitively that these types of experiments are no longer taking place? After all, when the general public became privy to Operation Overcast, they were told that it went away when really they just renamed it Operation Paperclip.

There is so much unknown, so many documents destroyed, and so many people who remain tight lipped for their own safety. Maybe one day, something more will be revealed. But what I feel is most important is what you take away from this history.

Working in the medical field, the importance of medical advancement is not lost on me. However, there is a difference between being a knowing participant to experiments/trials and being an unwitting participant. And more than just being aware of it, it is important for the participant to give consent to be a part of the experiment or trial.

I have no doubt in my mind that the threat of a nuclear war with Russia was terrifying during the Cold War. And no matter what challenges may lay ahead, I think we can all agree that people prefer to be a step ahead. But at what cost?

My heart hurts for those that fell victim to the experiments that took place through MK Ultra. On a number of occasions while researching and trying to come up with how to explain what I had learned, I had to step away. My heart hurt. My head hurt. I was angry. I couldn't fathom what I was reading. It was too much. But I always came back to it. I felt it was important to share. I felt that it needed to be more well known.

But for now, I think we all need a deep cleansing breath from the weight of this. I think we could all benefit from some sort of respite. There are more individuals and events I would love to in time research. But for now, let us take a breath and take time to process everything we've learned. It's been a lot. It's been heavy. It's been uncomfortable. But it's been important.

As promised in the first post, I would share all of my sources altogether that I've gathered along the way.


Wormwood - mini-series on Netflix

Brainwashed Podcast

Endless Thread Podcast: Madness series,the%20United%20States%2C%20for%20U.S.

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