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Part 2: Brain Warfare

To pick up where we left off, we are in the year 1953. The Korean War is powering on, tension between the US and the Soviet Union is thick, and a man named Allen Dulles is in the position of the Director of Central Intelligence within the CIA. One thing that Dulles encourages once in this new position is better communication with the public about what is going on. He felt it was important that people within the US were aware of what was happening between the Korean War and the Cold War. Things were becoming very serious and many didn't realize to what degree.

That leads us to April 10, 1953. Dulles goes to the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University to make an eye opening speech. The speech begins with Dulles addressing the conflict that the US was facing with the Soviet Union and the very real threat of potentially finding ourselves in a nuclear war. But this speech wasn't to address those concerns, but to shed light on the fact that there was much more to this conflict between the US and the Soviet Union. It was in this speech that Dulles made the US privy to what he called "brain warfare."

What is brain warfare?

Dulles breaks it down in his speech. The US were made aware of the soviets looking into a new weapon. This weapon was aimed to break a person down where they were no longer able to think freely for themselves, but rather be wired to think, act, and say what was essentially reprogrammed in their minds. It was believed to be the leading weapon that the Soviet Union was building up and using in the Cold War.

Later in the speech, Dulles draws a parallel between what the Soviet Union was doing and what was happening in Germany and Italy during WWII. These two countries, experiments were run to try to form their version of their perfect person. They intended to mold all of their people into that "perfect" form.

It was also noted that Japan had been doing similar experiments as well. The Japanese were working to discredit those that spoke against Japan and create "intense nationalism." While some of it worked for them, it appeared that what they were doing did not have a long term effect.

The wounds from WWII were still fresh. It hadn't even been ten years since WWII ended, and now everyone was learning that some of the horrific events from the war were continuing with the Soviet Union.

Dulles proceeded in explaining how this brain warfare worked. He explained that it was a two part process. First, a person would be completely mentally broken down to the point of giving in to anything they were ordered to do by the one breaking them down. From there, they were essentially reprogrammed and conditioned to become who they wanted that person to be.

He explained that the Chinese actually referred to this as "brain washing," and "brain changing." The first part was "brain washing," where the individual's brain would be "washed" of their thoughts and opinions. Then they were "changed" and reprogrammed to think and act the way that those leading these treatments would want them to behave.

From there, Dulles listed various examples of proof of these treatments. He listed different individuals who freely gave up information that they later said wasn't true. People would be confessing to crimes they did not commit and had later spoken out about what happened to them.

The tension was building in Dulles's speech. The information he had to share was harrowing. But he wasn't over yet.

The Soviet Union was working along side North Korea in the Korean War. This speech about brain warfare was leading up to the main important message he needed to share. This brain warfare was taking place in Korea and were happening to the American prisoners. There were voluntary confessions taking place.

Suddenly this already jarring piece of information was hitting extremely close to home. There was the threat of the Cold War, the Korean War, and now suddenly brain warfare. The potential threats were piling up. The tension was thick, and the fears were all around them.

The days that followed this speech were very important in American history. Only Americans wouldn't realize just how important they were for another 22 years.

In 1975, a secret CIA project named MK Ultra became public knowledge. What people didn't know back in 1953 was that just three days after that speech was delivered, Allen Dulles approved project MK Ultra. A project centered around mind control. A project that was none other than what he had just been condemning days earlier.

And this is where I will leave things for part two. Next time we will dive in deeper with what MK Ultra was all about, the people who were involved, the major events that took place, and so on.

If you're interested in reading the speech that Dulles delivered, I will link the source that I got it from below. All other sources will be put up in later posts to avoid potential spoilers.

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