February 2021 Check In


everyone! How is it that we've already made it through a month in 2021 already?! For some it may feel like it has been a long month, but personally I feel that time has been flying. I hope you've all been well and are having a nice start to the year.

For myself, there has been one big change that has happened this month.

Meet Zazu!

While the thought of getting a cat has been in the back of my mind for awhile, I hadn't really put any real effort into seeing about getting one. I honestly didn't have the plan to get a pet this year, but the universe had other plans. I honestly fell in love with this little guy before I ev

en brought him home and I've become absolutely obsessed with him. I'll share a few things with you all about Zazu.

I really wasn't sure how long it would take for Zazu to get adjusted and settled in to his new home. I was fully anticipating it to take a considerable amount of time to get used to living with me in his new home. On the contrary, it took no time at all. Even on the day that I brought him home, Zazu didn't run and hide away from me or anything. He went under the beds, but it was to explore rather than to hide. He would come out and nuzzle up to me before going under again to check out another side of the bed. The first couple of night, he slept in the room where his litter box (the room I now call Zazu's room), but within a couple of days, he was snuggling up in bed with me. He would tuck himself under the covers with me and everything.

One of his favorite places to nap during the day is on the quilt my mom made me when I moved out after high school. I have dozens of blankets all over my apartment, but he chooses to curl up on that quilt for a nice afternoon snooze.

When he's playing with his toys, he likes to hide under tables or chairs as hiding place when "stalking his prey." The one morning, he couldn't decide between sleeping and playing with his toy, so he wound up falling asleep WHILE playing with his toy, silly boy.

Zazu will wake me up at exactly 8:30 in the morning. His internal clock is truly impeccable. He will meow and nudge me until I get out of bed. I will roll over and give him room to snuggle up, but that's not good enough. He wants me up and out of bed. Once I'm up and moving with my coffee brewing, he will saunter back into my room where he can curl up on my bed in the very spot where I was just lying.

I could talk non stop about my new cat for days. Don't be surprised to get regular Zazu updates in the future. But for now, I'll get into other topics.

I've found this past month that I've gotten into a better habit of sitting down with a book and reading. I realized how much I missed spending a Sunday afternoon immersing myself in a beautiful story. On top of it, I've always been someone that has read multiple books at a time. The way I would hop back and forth meant that it took so much longer to finish a single book. With that said, I'm trying to get into a better habit of focusing my attention on reading just one book with one exception. I am also allowing myself to listen to one audiobook, since that is something that I typically do when cooking and cleaning and wouldn't otherwise be able to sit down with a physical book.

I just finished reading Orphan #8 by Kim Van Alkemade. This is a book that has been sitting on my shelf for a few years now. It is a book I picked up not long after it came out. It sounded like such an incredible story, but as I find with many of my books, it sat on my shelf until the mood was right. It may seem like an odd concept, but I let my heart guide me to what book to read next. This story is advertised as being a book that deals with experiments done on children in an orphan home and the repercussions of those experiments. What I found was that this book was all that and more. It was one of the most best novels I have read in some time.

This novel was historical fiction and Kim Van Alkemade took the stories of her family along with very detailed research to perfectly weave factual elements into this fictional story. Having personally been focusing a lot of my writing on history and non fiction, this type of story really caught my attention.

Now that I've finished reading Orphan #8, I'm trying to decide which book to read next. As for audiobooks, I'm currently listening to Carrie, by Stephen King. The choice in audiobook has to do with something that I am working on in connection to future plans with my blog.

This month, I wrapped up my research on my MK Ultra project. I still have articles to write about and details to touch on, so I'm planning on bringing it back around in the future. But for now, it was time to wrap things up for awhile. Since then, I've been brainstorming about what to do next. One thing I really enjoy about starting this monthly check in is that there is a schedule to it. I've been saying for a long time that I would like a certain schedule to follow to keep my posts coming in regular intervals. I'm looking to be posting something once a week. If this routine goes well, I could add more, but for now I am aiming at once a week. The first week of the month will always be my monthly update. The second week will be related to books. But not just any old books. If you can find the common thread that connects the books below (aside from being a part of my personal library) then you will have an idea of what is next in store.

As for the third and fourth weeks, I'm not entirely sure what I will do with them just yet. Maybe I'll do a monthly biography and bring some of those back. Maybe I'll do some fictional writing. I have yet to decide. If there are things you'd like me to write about, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to hear from you as to what you would like to read.

I've been excited because some of my favorite TV shows have come back after what felt like ages with the start of their new season. So lately I've been watching Prodigal Son, 9-1-1, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, and This Is Us. I'm looking forward to more shows coming back, but also grateful for the gradual return so that I don't find myself too distracted from reading and writing with watching TV shows.

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Now excuse me while Zazu and I snuggle up together with a good book. Until next time!

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